The “Holy Grail” of Insurance Broking?

A Broker Form is an electronic insurance Fact Find form fillable online that is capable of recording data from clients in a standard format for each type of form to obtain their underwriting information for obtaining insurers’ terms. Broker Forms provide a uniform office system to electronically record, store and retrieve client instructions from the broker’s document management system. Using Broker Forms creates a standard process to reduce errors and omissions in completing a client fact find for risk exposures.

Broker Forms Features:

  • Independent of whatever broking management system you use
  • Forms designed by experienced broker for brokers and contain full underwriting criteria
  • Client information is retained and can be used for marketing and communication
  • Single data entry for multi insurers submissions capability for most classes of business
  • Insurers’ terms returned electronically for Sunrise products saving double-keying
  • Composite format for many types of claim in one form

A best practice professional solution for Brokers

PI Risk Management

In the event of a legal dispute about a client’s claim being denied by an insurer, a broker will be asked as primary evidence to produce a written record of the client’s instructions. Broker Forms can protect the broker and confirm the intention of the coverage placed to help minimise their Professional Liability risk exposure.

On site Availability

Broker Forms are available to use on any notebook or tablet so that client and underwriting / survey information can be recorded efficiently on clients’ premises rather than double handling hand-written notes back in the office.

Work Place Standards

Broker Forms introduces a standard office process for new business sales which facilitates fast, accurate data exchange to insurers and more efficient workflows through using electronic fact find forms.

Broker Forms improve professional broker training as they provide an easy to follow process for collecting the full range of client information.