About Mike Donnelly

Mike Donnelly, principal of Donnelly Insurance Brokers, established in Adelaide South Australia in 1976 has always had a keen interest in technology as a tool to enhance the efficiency of his business and to protect it against Professional Liability risk exposures in his insurance broking business.

Mike, using his extensive experience as a broker has launched a new separate service (Broker Forms) to offer brokers and ARs the availability of Fact Find forms for most types of policy. Broker Forms creates a uniform professional work place system to electronically record and store client instructions for a more efficient and productive business. These “dynamic” forms can interface with other software to provide time-saving e-solutions for intermediaries such as look-ups for publicly stored data and capability of interfacing with insurer systems for quotations and claim reports.

Using Broker Forms for client Fact Finds creates a standard process to reduce errors and omissions with the completion of a comprehensive review of risk exposures and caters for a secure record of client instructions.

ACORD acknowledgement:
In a sponsored message which was  circulated by NIBA on behalf of Broker Forms on 5/9/16, we stated that the Association for Cooperative Operations Research and Development (ACORD), no longer developed standard forms in Australia.  However ACORD has informed us that they do continue to develop, maintain and supply standard forms in Australia.