Broker Forms is Launched

Insurance brokers and authorised representatives play a vital role for both the policyholder and the insurer in the purchase of insurance and risk products. In Australia, insurance brokers are responsible for placing around half of the total insurance business every year.

We are proud to be part of the Australian Broker community and excited to announce the full launch of

The broker forms website with 10 dynamic and interactive forms provides an easy to use and supportive environment for brokers.

The forms available include: Motor Vehicle, Home, Landlord, Strata, Business Pack, Bradford Liability, Professional Liability, Management Liability, Portfolio Coverage Review and Claim - Private and Business policies.

Completed forms are saved and stored into pdfs to save brokers record system and to send to multiple insurers. The form data is saved allowing forms to be edited during the year or at renewal – saving you even more time. The styled, interactive and easy to use forms give you the peace of mind that all the information is captured and accessible at any time.

Brokers and authorised reps can now sign up to start using Broker forms and start a free 30 day trial.

Read more about how Broker forms can change the way you do business.