Product overview

A best practice professional solution for brokers

A Broker Form is an electronic insurance Fact Find form fillable online that is capable of recording data from clients in a standard format for each type of form to obtain their underwriting information for obtaining insurers’ terms.

What type of policy forms are available?

These are the policy forms which are currently available and can be badged for individual brokers with their own logo. In the future, any insurance class can be easily developed and also specifically tailored for any cluster or AR group.

Forms overview

Business Pack

  • Complete only cover sections selected
  • Includes usual referral questions up front
  • Re-use for policy changes during the policy year
  • Re-use for renewal review / change instructions


  • Includes description of Defined Events & Accidental Damage covers
  • Can be tailored for individual cluster groups for cover differences

Motor Vehicle
Private/Business and Commercial Use

  • Includes description of Market Value & Agreed Value covers
  • Can include up to 3 vehicles in the form

Professional Liability

  • Generic questions in part one
  • Specific questions shown by selected occupation
  • All occupations in one form – but questions just for selected one
  • No looking for the right separate occupation form anymore
  • Email to insurers for quotation


  • Easy to follow data capture form
  • Default cover values included but options provided
  • Email to insurers / agencies for quotation


  • Easy to follow data capture form
  • Includes explanations about questions
  • Available to email to insurers / agencies for quotation

Management Liability

  • Easy to follow data capture form
  • Allows for Combined sections or Individual section limit
  • Available to email to insurers / agencies for quotation

Broadform Liabilty

  • Stand-alone Liability fact find form for more complex risks
  • Comprehensive questionnaire
  • Available to email to insurers / agencies for quotation

Other Forms

Portfolio Coverage Review

  • Comprehensive check list of available covers for SME clients
  • Editable to show existing covers for client
  • Personalised for individual client & broker
  • Seeks instructions for quotations for uninsured risks

Claim – Private and Business policies

  • Composite format for many types of claim in one form
  • Select which claim type & only relevant questions to be answered
  • Email saved report to insurer for action
  • Caters for client electronic signature